Top 5 Reasons Email Marketing Can Help Skyrocket Your ROI

The rapidly excelling world of digital marketing has delivered an overabundance of resources available to marketers today. From social media to SEO to video marketing and beyond, marketing choices are unlimited but just one category continues to outperform all other digital marketing methods year after year.

For over 10 years, email marketing has generated the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels. According to the DMA, every $1 spent on email marketing generates $44 in ROI and email offers the broadest and most targeted reach of all the marketing channels.

In this report, we share 5 reasons why email marketing can help you skyrocket your ROI and why you must use email marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Email Marketing Has the Largest and Most Targeted Reach

There are over 4 billion email users worldwide and over 3 million emails are sent every second. More consumers use email than Facebook (2.85 billion) and Twitter (69.3 million) combined. Every active online user needs an email account as email is used to sign up for websites, place online orders, join social media sites, post reviews, verify accounts and more. In addition, email is used in both personal and professional lives. When it comes to connecting with customers and prospects, no other marketing channel has a larger reach than email. In addition, email offers the widest selection of targeting capabilities including demographic, psychographic, purchasing habits and lifestyle selects. Virtually every single person on the web can be reached through email so it’s no wonder why email has the potential to deliver the highest ROI of any marketing campaign.

2. Email Marketing Drives Conversions

Most marketers measure the results of their marketing campaigns based on conversions, whether it be from a sale, a lead, a sign up on a website or a membership. The ultimate goal for marketers is to turn prospects into paying customers and keep their current customers loyal to their brand. When it comes to conversions, there isn’t any medium more powerful than email. Over 4.2% of visitors from email marketing make a purchase as compared to 3% of visitors from search engines and 1.8% from social.

3. Email Marketing Has the Highest Delivery Rate

On average, 80% of targeted emails make it to the email inbox. Compare this to the 2% of social media users who see organic social media posts and you can see why email marketing delivers the greatest exposure and has the biggest potential to increase marketing ROI.

4. Email Marketing Is the Preferred Communication Channel

Over 82% of consumers have chosen email marketing as their preferred communication channel to receive promotional messages from brands. The majority of consumers welcome targeted and personalized email messages from their favorite companies, which gives email marketing a huge advantage in reaching customers on the platform of their choice. By reaching customers on their preferred platform, marketers can use email to drastically increase their ROI.

5. Email Marketing Has the Highest Median ROI

Email marketing has a median ROI of 145% according to the ANA/DMA Response Rate Report. Email’s median ROI is higher than direct mail (41%), paid search (50%), online display advertising (20%) and social media (50%). Email allows marketers to hyper-target and segment their email communications and that relevance drives customers to open the mail, click-through, and make a purchase which increases the ROI of email marketing campaigns.